Iceberg Flightseeing

Discover the outer scenery of the Ilulissat Icefjord with the giant icebergs while spotting for whales.

Duration: approx. 25 min. - 5 pax minimum

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DKK 1.500,- per person

Northern Glacier & Outer Icefjord

Discover huge iceberg pushing towards the mouth of the Kangia Icefjord, and breaching their way into the Disko Bay. Get to see the very small settlement of Ilimanaq just south of the icefjord, and if you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of the many whales in the bay on your way back to Ilulissat.

Duration: approx. 40 min. - 5 pax minimum

DKK 2.195,- per person

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UNESCO Icefjord & Blue Lakes

The Kangia, Isua Glacier Adventure takes you to the northern glacier "Sermeq Avangnardleq", where we make a turn to get perfect view of the glacier. Next up is the main attraction, the UNESCO world heritage site, the Isua Glacier. This, being the biggest producer of icebergs in the northern hemisphere, will leave you speechless. This enormous glacier is constantly feeding the icefjord with newly formed icebergs, that we will pass while flying along the fjord in the lowest permissible altitude, to get a sense of the impressive scale. When reaching the mouth of the icefjord, we turn south passing the small settlement Ilimanaq, where we will try to spot whales surfacing the bay. On the way back to the airport, you get to see beautiful Ilulissat from above during the approach for landing.

Duration: approx. 55-60 min. - 5 pax minimum

DKK 2.895,- per person 

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Giant icebergs and whale spotting

Experience the monstrosity of the whales in the Disko Bay on your way to Disko Island. After departing from Ilulissat we set course straight towards the coast of Disko. Staying in the lowest permissible altitude we go whale watching so be sure to bring your camera along the way. When reaching Disko, we continue along the coastline towards Qeqertarsuaq to see the city up close. The mountainous landscape of Disko Island will leave astounding impression, and whale watching will continue on the way back to Ilulissat.

Duration: approx. 75 min. - 5 pax minimum

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DKK 3.695,- per person

Master Explorer

Our finest and longest tour heads towards Eqi Glacier, popularly known as The Calving Glacier. Being the only glacier close to Ilulissat that is approachable by boat, the sharp contrast between the ocean and tall wall of ice at the glacier front makes this glacier especially unique and beautiful. After ascending over the glacier, we continue the flight south overhead the inland ice towards the UNESCO site, the Isua Glacier and pass the icefjord leading up to it all the way from the Disko Bay. While flying back towards Ilulissat along the Kangia Icefjord, you will notice the very clear moraine edge on the coast of the fjord telling its own story about the receding level of ice in Greenland.

Duration: approx. 1 hour 40 min. - 5 pax minimum

DKK 4.895,- per person

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Grand Master Uumannaq

Discover the beautiful island of Uumannaq and the amazing sig glacier! Waterfall, Eqi Glacier, ice sheet and blue lakes, the tundra on Nuussuaq Peninsula and eastern Disko Island. Whale spotting among the spectacular icebergs at Ilulissat - you’ll get it all!


Duration: approx. 2 hour 30 min. - 5 pax minimum

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DKK 6.500,- per person

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