Narsarsuaq Explorer

Join us on a spectacular sightseeing over Kiagtut Sermiat glacier, with its unique location right next to Narsarsuaq. We fly along the glacier continuing towards an iceberg filled lake known as "the hole", since it it rests at the of glaciers on three sides. Then we venture along the fjord systems and join an even larger glacier, where we make a few turns by the glacier front wall, a great photo opportunity!

On the way back to the airport we take a closer look the historic village of Qassiarsuk, where viking Erik the Red settled down and named Greenland, as it is known today.

DKK 2.250,- per person

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Duration: approx. 40 min. - 4 pax minimum

Call (+299) 24 85 54 and speak directly to the pilot for more information or questions of any kind.

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