Paradise Valley, nestled far behind one of the deepest fjords, this landscape was part of the rich hunting grounds the Inuits used as larders back in the 15th and 16th centuries. During a millennia of hunting, Paradise Valley has been an important part the rich Greenlandic hunting traditions and cultural landscape. The Inuits were drawn to the area from far and wide, coming to pursue reindeer and other wildlife, while the Europeans came along later on in the 17th century mainly for the quest for whales in the area between Sisimiut and the southern coast of Disko Island. Paradise Valley also became a base for trading of prey and hunting accessories between the Europeans and the local Inuit hunters. 

Paradise Valley is a must see and has become our most beloved tour out of our Kangerlussuaq base, for its shear beauty and rich historical meaning. Flying through the deep valley and staying below the top of the mountains on the side, we take you through the twist and turns instructed by the valley itself. Passing along vigorous waterfalls and rock slides to the side, we start the journey from the narrow entrance to the valley and move towards the inland ice where we witness how the valley broadens up.

The Tours

Ice cap, Reindeer & Musk Ox Tour

A spectacular sightseeing to the ice cap and glaciers, including the impressive towering Russell Glacier, and plenty of musk oxes along the way.


DKK 1.250,- per person

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Duration: approx. 30 min. - 4 pax minimum

The magnificent inland ice awaits your visit on this unique sightseeing tour covering both the arctic tundra with a great view of the numerous musk oxes, Navigators Rock, a journey over the inland ice with smooth turns to experience melt water lakes, and of course the Russell Glacier as the grand finale.

Duration: approx. 45 min. - 4 pax minimum

DKK 1.650,- per person

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paradise valley, wild life & ice cap

A treat for your senses! Our best tour offered in Kangerlussuaq has to be the Paradise Valley & Ice Cap Tour. Taking you deep into the Paradise Valley, you will discover the very best scenery Greenland has to offer. A great part of the valley is a protected nature reserve, and you understand why when you see it. The tour starts out straight towards the valley followed by a descent and a journey through the valley lead by the trail formed by the maintains ridges close by. While flying through the valley we head towards the ice cap, traveling over areas with very dense musk ox habitation. Topping it all off, we fly over Navigators Rock making our way over the ice cap to experience the tall ice ridges and melt water lakes, leading us towards the magnificent Russell Glacier.

Duration: approx. 75 min. - 4 pax minimum

DKK 2.695,- per person

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