Weather Precautions

Safety is our number one priority, so in case the weather conditions does not live up to our limitations, you will be notified in due time (usually two hours before departure), in case the flight can not be conducted. Since the general purpose of our flights are sightseeing, we, as well as our guests always want weather conditions, that are much better than the legal limit, so we will also take into account the weather's impact on your experience, to give you the most memorable flight as possible. We will advise you in that regard based on our own personal experience.

Having second Thoughts?

Due to the practical aspects of joining groups of guests together on the same flight to meet the minimum passenger amount, cancellations can only be made no later than 48 hours before the departure time. This condition is established with respect for the other guests, to avoid cancelling the flight in the last minute. The condition is in effect whether groups of guests are joined on the same flight or not, due to the fact that the booking blocks for other potential guests.


Payment are made at the time of booking. We accept domestic and international issued debit and credit cards. If booked in person at one of our locations, we also accept exact cash payments in the local currency DKK, EUR, or USD. Foreign currency cash payments are based on the listed price in DKK, converted with the daily exchange rate.

Please note that the following maximum fees, for physical payments, are in effect with the following debit/credit cards:

3,75% - Foreign issued Visa, MasterCard & American Express

1,90% - Greenlandic/Danish issued Visa

1,69% - Greenlandic/Danish issued MasterCard

0,75% - Greenlandic/Danish issued American Express

For online payments a fixed fee of 2,5% applies on all cards.

The fee is added to the listed price.